Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

At aqualeader we acknowledge and accept that Modern-day slavery and human trafficking affect people across the world and that this includes the UK.  As such we feel that in light of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, it is right that we too have our own statement as to how we ensure we are not knowingly involved in any way with this activity.  We are a family run business and as such have close and long-lasting relationships with our members of staff. We are not looking to recruit any staff at this stage but if we do, then this would be done through a reputable Recruitment Agency or via connections we already have inside and out of the water cooler industry. 

All engineers that we use are either independent sub-contractors that we have built relationships with over the last 12+ years or a large family-run water cooler engineering company who are highly regarded within the industry.  All engineers are industry qualified and accredited.  We do not allow subcontractors to subcontract work.   We only buy our water coolers from trusted UK / Irish distributors and manufacturers, and we do not import any goods direct from the far East. These organisations have been established for many years and have excellent credentials throughout the water cooler industry. All deliveries sent outside of Royal Mail are sent via APC Courier as they have their own Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.