Why mains-fed Water Coolers

What is a “Plumbed in” Cooler

Plumbed in water coolers are plumbed into your mains water, providing you and other members of staff with a constant source of chilled and filtered water. The machines are suitable for any business, educational or domestic environment.

Here at aqualeader, we believe there are many reasons why our plumbed in water coolers are better for our customers, than the bottled variety, a few of which are listed below:


Save Money and Never Run Out of water Again!

In 90% of cases, we save our customers 50% on the cost of their bottled water! You will receive one quarterly invoice, at an agreed low fixed price. Your accounts team will never have to check against deposits for bottles, additional costs for servicing, or increased costs at summer due to higher consumption levels. Whether it’s a summer heatwave or more water being drunk because of central heating in the winter; with one of our coolers you will never run out of water again. Our fixed monthly cost includes all year round servicing (filter changes and internal & external sanitising).

Lose the Bottle

The Point-of-Use system (mains fed) is rapidly replacing bottle-fed coolers on cost, convenience, efficiency, health, safety and hygiene grounds. In today’s “sue culture”; employers are keen to avoid employee injury. A common cause of injury is manual/heavy lifting in the workplace. Additionally, empty or full water bottles can become a hazard if tripped over by staff or members, or if blocking emergency exits or walkways. Most offices/shops etc have limited space so finding space to store your bottles can be a real headache.  Similarly, the age of water within bottles has come under close scrutiny through the national media – reports have shown that in some instances the water is up to 2 years old!


Our plumbed in water coolers are more environmentally friendly than bottled types. The water for our coolers come directly from your water mains, so there is no need for it to be delivered in trucks, down motorways and through towns to your offices. It is believed that transport is one of the greatest contributors to global warming and releases chemicals such as NO2 which are harmful to human health.

Aqualeader mains fed water coolers provide you with a constant source of chilled and filtered water so there is no need for weekly / monthly water deliveries.   All types of plastic bottles, if not recycled can take between 450-1000 years to biodegrade in landfill sites.  Currently in spite of numerous initiatives we only recycle a fraction of all plastic bottles used in the UK. As there are no bottles with our machine there is less plastic waste all around.

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