Covid-19 – Frequently Asked Question

National Lockdown 2021 – Update

In order to ensure we are behaving appropriately at all times, we have consulted with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and their Business Support Team who have advised that our industry (the water cooler industry) and its staff are considered to be Essential Workers.  In England, Critical personnel are persons involved in the production and distribution of food, drink and essential goods, including:  those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery.  As such, this means that aqualeader are able to still provide any services that you require in your business, educational or medical establishment. Similar legislation applies for Scotland and Wales meaning wherever you are located within the mainland UK, we can assist you. Visit the GOV website for more information on Essential Workers.

Q – Is aqualeader running as normal ?

A – Aqualeader’s offices are open as normal and are here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.  If you need to contact us regarding anything pls email us on

Q – Will there be a change to the servicing of my water cooler as a result of Covid-19?

A – Aqualeader are following all recommended protocols regarding servicing of water coolers.  The only significant change that you will notice as an end-user, is that we are no longer asking people to sign service records.  We are taking names as proof of attending to avoid unnecessary social contact.

Q – We work in an area where there is local / regional / national lockdown.  What should we do about our water cooler?

A – If you intend to be away from your offices for some time you should turn your water coolers off.  If you are not sure how to do this please contact us for assistance.  It is imperative that you do not leave water coolers on in unmanned offices for more than a few days.

Q – Are there any delays in orders?

A – Aqualeader are experiencing no significant delays to any area of our supply chain.  We have worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that we are able to supply our customers with everything they need to keep working.

Q – What protocols do you have in place to protect us from Covid-19?

A – For visits to customers sites we are ensuring that all engineers wear latex gloves and a mask/visor (if required)  for the duration of their visit.  Staff are reminded to maintain strict social distancing as per the latest government guidelines. Service records are no longer being signed (as per above), and engineers have been told not to shake hands with people or share pens etc.  Any engineer who has symptoms is sent home from work, told to isolate, and if they meet the criteria, to get a Covid-19 test as per government guidelines.  Only essential visits to sites are being carried out – for maintenance/servicing or installs.  All non-essential meetings are carried out online to avoid unnecessary contact.

Q – Should I clean the outside of my water cooler?

A – Aqualeader recommend that you clean your water cooler as you would with all contact surfaces in your offices.  They should be cleaned regularly and government guidelines regarding hand hygiene should be maintained.  Please pay particular attention when cleaning, to high contact areas like taps levers or paddles, the top of cooler, drip trays etc.

Q – Do you have any resources for us to use to encourage our staff to use the coolers responsibly?

A – We have a range of downloadable resources including signs and tent cards which are free for you to download and use across your sites. (please see below)

At aqualeader we are committed to helping you make your workspace, or school as safe as possible.  With this in mind, we have created some resources for you to download, below.  These include signs for you to place the water cooler to encourage people to keep hydrated, but in a way that helps minimise the risks from Covid-19.   If you need any assistance please contact us.