Air Purifiers

Our outside air is polluted by traffic, industry and the agricultural sector, but did you know that indoor air is often 10-30 times more polluted than outside? The harmful effects of indoor air pollution have become increasingly known in recent years. For prolonged exposure, this can cause lung, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. In Europe alone, around 400,000 people have died prematurely in 2014 due to polluted air (European Environment Agency, Air Quality in Europe, 2017 report).

Not everyone is aware that particulate matter and chemical by-products arise indoors on a continuous basis. This can come from various sources like cleaning products, aerosol cans, cooking, wood stoves, cigarette smoke, renovation, paint, dust movement, contaminated outdoor air.

Furthermore, thanks to the new energy-efficient measures in construction, houses are now so well insulated that moulds can develop quickly if there is not insufficient ventilation. It is therefore highly recommended to open a window in the summer if the outside air is clean, but of course, this is not always possible in the winter. When you use an Aqualeader Air Purifier at home and/or at the office you ensure that you continue to breathe in clean air at all times while you are indoors.


IMPORTANT NOTE – COVID 19 Infection Control Measure

We wish to stress that we DO NOT claim that an air purifier will offer 100% protection or eradicate COVID-19 from a work environment. Our research and consultations with our manufacturer have concluded that a multi-stage air filtration system within the workplace, could build on the existing health and safety – such as 2-metre distancing and hand/contact point cleaning regimes.

It can also act as a reassurance to customers, staff, and patients that their health is a priority for the business they are engaging with, and make for a more relaxed environment for all.

Aqualeader has a solution for all sized environments and therefore has air purifiers for both work and home. All Aqualeader Air Purifiers are equipped with high-quality pre-filters, carbon filters, HEPA (H13) filters and the unique PlasmaWave air purifier Technology.

All of our Air Purifiers are tested and certified by both AHAM, ECARF and Allergy UK. This ensures you that you are using an air purifier that truly improves Your indoor air quality.




The Air Purifier WINIX ZERO can be used in all indoor environments up to 99 m2.

Cleans your indoor air quality with a 4-stage air purifier filtration system by using a washable pre-filter, carbon filter, True HEPA filter (99.97%) and the WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology. The unique WINIX PlasmaWave Air Purifier Technology creates Hydroxyl molecules that naturally neutralize viruses, bacteria and gases without producing harmful ozone.

  • The Air Purifier ZERO cleans up to 99m2
  • WINIX PlasmaWave®air purifier Technology
  • 4-stage filtration Air Purifier



The WINIX ZERO-N is a powerful air purifier that can be used in rooms up to 45 m2.

Cleans your indoor air quality with a 3-stage air purifier system by using; two different colours of washable and replaceable pre-filters, a replaceable carbon filter and a True HEPA filter (99.97%). This air purifier, the WINIX ZERO-N is the ideal air purifier for any bedroom or baby room.

  • The Air Purifier ZERO-N cleans up to 45m2
  • 2 colours and washable air purifier pre-filters
  • 3-stage filtration Air Purifier



The Air Purifier WINIX ZERO Pro is a fully automatic air purifier that can be used in all rooms up to 120m2.

Using a 5-stage air purifier filtration system with; a washable pre-filter, an active carbon filter, an antimicrobial True HEPA filter (99, 97%) and the unique WINIX PlasmaWave® air purifier Technology. The Dual Sensor technology of this air purifier ensures that the air purifier reacts fully automatically to both the presence of unpleasant odours and to the smallest particles (PM2.5).

  • The Air Purifier ZERO Pro cleans up to 120m2
  • WINIX PlasmaWave®air purifier Technology
  • 5-stage filtration Air Purifier


Read more details about these products on the Aqualeader Air Purifiers – Brochure .